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Pompano Beach Man Accused of Lethal Crash Was On Probation

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A Pompano Beach man accused of causing the crash that killed a Miami woman and injured two others had been placed on probation one day earlier for an unrelated crime.

The accused, who has a history of alcohol-related arrests, was charged with DUI manslaughter, two counts of DUI with serious bodily injury and driving with a suspended license following the early Tuesday crash that killed the alleged victim.

The accused was one day into his probation for a charge of battery on someone 65 or older.

Since the accused is on probation and picked up a new law violation, he is being held with no bond.

In Florida, if you are on probation and you are arrested for a new crime, you can legally be held without a bond. Sometimes, it is possible to get a bond with a new law violation while on probation. But that depends on the severity of the new charge and the charge for which the accused is on probation.

Your probation can be violated for being arrested for a new crime, even if the crime is not formally filed. Just the facts of the arrest can be enough to violate your probation. If probation is violated for a felony, you can be sentenced to up to the statutory maximum.