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Broward Sheriff's Deputy Charged With Battery, Falsifying Records, And Official Misconduct

A Broward Sheriff's Deputy, who once starred in a reality series about the lives of BSO K-9 cops, has been arrested and charged with battery, falsifying records, and official misconduct.

The allegations stem from an arrest that the accused deputy made two years ago. The incident occurred when the deputy pulled over a 17-year old. The 17-year old was subsequently charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.

An Internal Affairs investigation was conducted and the findings resulted in the arrest of the deputy.

The arrest of a law enforcement officer is a troubling thing. On one hand, they are sworn to protect the public. Every arrest of a police officer weakens the public trust in law enforcement.

However, police have a very difficult job and sometimes decisions they make can cost them their job and their freedom. I do not know the facts of this deputy's case. However, it is possible that he violated the law, or is on the receiving end of an accusation that may not be entirely true.

The presumption of innocence applies to all, even accused cops.