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Out-Of-State Criminal Records

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Records that exist outside of the State of Florida cannot be expunged in any Florida court. You must apply for a sealing or expungement in the court in which the charge occurred.

So if you were charged with a criminal offense in New York, for instance, you must apply for and proceed with the sealing or expungement process in that New York court.

A Florida court does not have jurisdiction to hear any case that was resolved out of state.

If you have previously sealed or expunged a record outside of Florida, you are ineligible to seal or expunge a record in Florida. That's because FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) only allows one expungement or sealing in your entire lifetime.

Sealing or expunging an arrest record is not an easy process. FDLE sets forth the criteria, which is actually some of the toughest criteria nationwide.

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