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DNA Evidence Leads To Arrest of Suspected Burglar

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A Broward man was arrested on suspicion of a burglary of an occupied dwelling when a DNA match tied him to the crime.

The alleged victim was home at the time of the offense. The alleged victim reportedly heard a noise inside of her house. When she went to inspect, she allegedly saw the suspect.

Police believe that the suspect entered the home through a window. The suspect supposedly cut his knee on a broken piece of glass, leaving blood at the scene.

BSO crime technicians took a sample of the blood and extracted DNA from the sample. Comparing the DNA sample against other samples stored in criminal databases, a match was made.

If you plead guilty or no contest to a felony in the State of Florida, a swab of DNA (cheek swab) is taken and sent to FDLE for storage.

DNA is powerful evidence, but it takes an experienced burglary attorney to exploit and discredit it. DNA is not perfect. It can be inaccurate if not handled correctly. It may also not prove a burglary if the DNA sample is found outside of the home (in which case it may only prove a trespass).

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