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Zimmerman Gets Second Bond Hearing

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Today, George Zimmerman, accused of second-degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year old Trayvon Martin, will receive a second bond hearing.

Back in April, a judge granted Mr. Zimmerman a bond as the state conceded that they could not meet the standard of proof required to hold a defendant without bond for a non-bondable offense. That standard of proof is called "proof evident, presumption great."

However, it was later revealed that during the bond hearing, Mr. Zimmerman's wife was not candid with the court regarding the couple's finances. A judge must take one's financial status into account in determining the bond amount to be set. That is because somebody with lots of money in the bank may be perceived as more of a flight risk as they have the means to travel.

Mr. Zimmerman's bond was revoked by the court due to the failure to truthfully disclose his financial assets. As well, his wife was charged with one count of perjury. A bond revocation can occur for many reasons. If false statements have been made to the court, a bond can be revoked. However, by way of a motion, the accused may ask the court to revisit the bond matter and possibly set a new bond or reinstate the original bond.

The judge will rule shortly. The judge can either stand by his ruling and keep Mr. Zimmerman in custody, or he may impose a new bond or reinstate the original bond with the same conditions or modified bond conditions.

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