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Broward Woman Charged With Attempted Murder Denied Bond At Arthur Hearing

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A Broward County judge on Thursday declined to set bond for a Tamarac woman accused of trying to kill her estranged son-in-law in an incident partially captured on an iPhone recording. She has been charged with attempted murder with a firearm.

The 67-year old woman has been held without bond at the Paul Rein Detention Facility in Pompano Beach since December 8 after she was accused of firing three times at her son-in-law when he came to her home to pick up his son for visitation.

At this Arthur Hearing, a specialized court hearing in which the defense asks the court to issue a bond for a non-bondable offense, the accused's attorney urged a Broward Circuit Judge to set a reasonable bail for the accused, arguing that she posed a low risk for future violent or aggressive behavior.

At the Arthur Hearing, the Court must determine two things: 1) whether there is "proof evident, presumption great" of the defendant's guilt; and 2) whether the accused is a flight risk and danger to the community.

If the Court finds that there is proof evident, presumption great of guilt, the Court can still set a bond if the Judge believes that the accused is neither a flight risk nor danger to the community. If the first prong is met, however, the Judge may also deny bond.