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Computer-Related Crimes/Cyber Crimes

In 2012, it's no surprise that many types of crimes can be committed over the Internet. For years now, Florida has had strict laws in place that regulate computer-related and cyber crimes.

Florida law provides that willfullly modifying data, programs, or supporting documentation residing or existing internal or external to a computer, computer system, or computer network without authorization or willfully destroying data, programs or supporting documentation, is a third-degree felony. Essentially, this makes "computer hacking" a felony offense.

Computer crimes are often detected by the use of search warrants. A search warrant is a court order that permits law enforcement to execute a search of otherwise private property.

The legality of a search warrant is often a highly-contested issue in court. A good defense attorney may be able to spot the legal shortcomings of a warrant and possibly get the fruits of a search warrant (the evidence agaisnst you) thrown out.

In the information age, computer crimes are taken seriously. As computer networks link people, businesses, even governments, the effects of computer hacking can be devestating. As a result, police departments and state attorneys' offices have cyber crimes units that specifically target computer crime.

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