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Convicted Cop Killer Seeks Parole

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38 years ago, a Fort Lauderdale police officer was killed while on duty.

The officer was killed during an armed robbery of a Red Lobster. Now, the three men imprisoned for killing the officer want their freedom. They will have a parole hearing this summer.

Murdering a law enforcement officer during the commission of a felony is a capital offense. However, even if given life in prison, Florida law has changed over the years so that life is life. There is no more parole in the State of Florida. You do not accumulate gain timeĀ on a life sentence because you cannot be released early.

Broward State Attorney Michael Satz, as well as the deceased officer's family, will attend the parole hearing and will object to the Florida Parole Commission granting parole to any of the convicted men.

State Attorney Satz stated that "they were all given life sentences at a time when Florida law allowed parole appeals for such convictions."

Prior to the laws changing, a life sentence in Florida did not mean life. It meant a period of time before the convicted person would be eligible for parole, or a form of supervised release from custody. While parole does not exist anymore, we must honor it for those who were convicted back when it was available.

Given the facts of the case and the objections of both the Broward State Attorney and the deceased officer's family, I do not believe that the Florida Parole Commission will grant parole.