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Man On Probation Accused of Strong-Arm Robbery

A 79-year old Dania Beach woman was allegedly knocked to the ground and robbed of $60 cash and a debit card after she withdrew money from an ATM at a Publix.

Bystanders chased down the suspect and held him for police.

The accused, a 37-year old contractor from Plantation, is being held in the Broward jail on a $101,000 bond. He is facing charges of strong-arm robbery and battery on a person 65 or older.

The accused was already on probation of kidnapping and three counts of domestic battery by strangulation. Because of the probation violation, he cannot bond out of jail as he is being held on the violation warrant.

Getting arrested while on probation can cause you to remain in jail without a bond. If you violate probation with a new law violation (new arrest), you face the statutory maximum for the new charges, as well as the statutory maximum you would have faced on the underlying charges (charges you are on probation for) minus any time you have served in custody or on probation.

For the State to prove a probation violation, the burden of proof is significantly lower than it is in trial. The State need only prove by a greater weight of the evidence that you committed a new offense while on probation.

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