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New Twist In Self-Defense Shooting In Central Florida May Justify Stand Your Ground Claims

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The controversial shooting in Sanford, Florida, that has made national headlines may be taking a turn in favor of the shooter.

New reports from the Sanford Police indicate that the alleged victim, a 17-year old unarmed boy, may have been the aggressor.

Reports state that while the shooter did get out of the car despite a police dispatcher telling him not to, he allegedly walked back to his car after he lost sight of the boy. That's when, according to new reports, the boy allegedly confronted the shooter, punched him in the nose, and began beating the shooter while he lay flat on the ground. The shooter then retrieved his concealed handgun and shot the boy in the chest at close range.

If those facts are true, then the shooter's Stand Your Ground claims may be valid. Under Florida law, if you reasonably believe that lethal force is necessary to prevent great bodily harm or death, then you may use it.

The shooting is being investigated by a number of state and federal agencies. In April, a grand jury will be empaneled to see about possibly charging the man with murder.

While the facts are still in dispute, the law is the law. If the man was not defending himself, he should be charged with murder. If he was, then he is immune from prosecution.