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Broward Sheriff's Deputy Accused of Falsifying SunPass Records

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This is why people don't trust cops.

A 28-year old Broward Sheriff's deputy has been accused of falsifying SunPass records. Specifically, he is accused of falsifying these records inside of a Broward County traffic courtroom when he had been cited for SunPass violations. He is accused of forging a letter from the Florida Department of Transportation and presenting it to the court, which led to the dismissal of his tickets.

I have often discussed police reports and their penchant for fiction. While I believe that most law enforcement officers are honest people, the few who use their authority to commit acts of fraud and deception destroy the reputation of the law enforcement community as a whole.

The deputy is being charged with one count of official misconduct (a third-degree felony), a misdemeanor count of falsifying public records, and two counts of petit theft.

This deputy has a history of violations of the law. Back in 2008, the deputy was put on trial for allegedly beating a drunk suspect. He was found not guilty and was reinstated to duty.

I cannot comment on whether the deputy is guilty or not guilty, but even accusations of misconduct are enough to shake the public's confidence in the police.

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