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Coral Springs Man Accused of Beating Wife Over Eight-Hour Period

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A Coral Springs man has been arrested and is facing a number of domestic violence charges for allegedly beating his wife in their home over a period of eight hours.

The accused is being held on a $75,000 bond in the Broward jail.

The accused and his wife began to argue. The accused is alleged to have pushed his wife and struck her on the head. He is also accused of choking her.

The arrest report also indicates allegations that he threw items at her and threatened to kill her.

The accused faces felony charges of false imprisonment, battery by strangulation, and aggravated assault.

In Broward County, felony domestic violence cases are treated with the utmost importance. Prosecutors work very hard to put these cases together, even if the alleged victim is not on board.

Don't think for a second that you cannot be prosecuted without a testifying witness. The law has made it relatively easy for prosecutors to seek and obtain convictions without ever calling an alleged victim to the witness stand.

Eric Matheny is a Miami domestic violence attorney and Broward domestic violence attorney.