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How To Check For Warrants

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If you have a warrant in the State of Florida, or think that you might, you'd better check.

Warrants exist when you are summoned to court and fail to appear. A bench warrant, or alias capias, is issued by the judge. If you were arrested in Miami-Dade County years ago but have since relocated, that warrant doesn't just go away because you are no longer in the State of Florida.

If the warrant is for a serious charge, you may be arrested in your home state and extradited to Florida.

Warrants can prevent you from obtaining benefits such as social security. They can also cause you problems at the airport when you are trying to leave or even re-enter the country.

You may use an FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) online database to check to see if you have a warrant anywhere in the State of Florida.

If you have a warrant in Miami-Dade or Broward and would like assistance in getting it set aside, call me.