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Suspect Arrested In Broward Felony Murder

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A suspect has been arrested and charged with felony murder in the death of a woman at a West Broward truck stop.

The suspect is accused of using pepper spray to distract a crowd of people at truck stop bar. The intent of this was so that the suspect could grab a person's gold chain, say the Broward Sheriff's Office.

However, after the pepper spray was released into the crowd, a woman tripped and hit her head on the bumper of a car out in the parking lot. She later died from her injuries.

Under Florida's felony murder rule, if somebody dies while you are engaged in the commission of a felony, you can be held criminally responsible for the death. In this case, the felony being committed was a robbery.

Even though the suspect never committed a direct act of violence against the deceased nor intended for the deceased to die, this suspect still faces murder charges - which means a life sentence - because of the unintended consequences of the alleged robbery.