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Liberty City Man Killed In Hit And Run

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A Liberty City man was killed this weekend in a hit and run that resulted in the alleged victim being dragged under the suspect vehicle for nearly a city block.

The alleged victim was reportedly crossing the street when he was struck and killed. The driver of the suspect vehicle allegedly did not stop at the scene.

Leaving the scene of an accident (LSA) causing death is a first-degree felony punishable by 30 years in prison. Every driver in Florida is required to remain on the scene after an accident, even a fatal accident.

The most common reason why people flee the scene of a crash is that they panic. This is normal. We are human. However, you should know that unless you are guilty of criminal conduct while driving, the death of another person during an accident is not a crime. It is called a fatality, and it is a non-criminal traffic charge.

You may be charged with any number of vehicular homicide charges if you accidentally kill a pedestrian or another driver if you are driving on a suspended license, you are impaired, or you are driving recklessly. If you are driving a stolen car or strike a pedestrian while fleeing the scene of a felony, you can be charged with felony murder.

If you are driving safely, are not impaired, and have a valid driver's license and you get into a crash resulting in the death or serious injury of another, do not leave the scene. Stop your car and immediately call 911.

By leaving the scene of a fatal accident, you have just gone from receiving a traffic citation (if that) to facing 30 years in prison.

But if you do panic and decide to flee, you need to take measures to protect yourself immediately. Contact a Miami LSA attorney or Broward LSA attorney to discuss your options.