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Former Broward County Commissioner Set To Change Plea In Corruption Case

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A former Broward County Commissioner set to go to trial this Monday on felony charges of corruption has offered to change her plea from not guilty to guilty to reduced misdemeanor charges.

This commissioner is just one of many Broward public officials who has been prosecuted by the Broward State Attorney's Office over the past few years. Rampant corruption in Broward County has led prosecutors to go after public officials accused of using their positions for personal financial gain.

The official in question is a woman who is accused of receiving unlawful compensation when she voted for grants for the Town of Southwest Ranches that led to her husband receiving financial benefits.

If the accused former commissioner pleads guilty or no contest to misdemeanor charges, she will be permitted by state law to keep her pension. A felony disposition would render her ineligible to receive her pension.

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