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Marijuana Grow House Discovered In Doral Condo Community

A marijuana grow house was discovered by Doral Police in a residential condo complex near NW 58th Street and the Turnpike.

While the weight or number of plants is unknown at this time, the apparent street value of the entire grow was around $130,000.00

In Florida, 25 pounds of marijuana or more or 300 marijuana plants or more constitutes the very serious offense of trafficking in marijuana (cannabis). Trafficking in marijuana carries mandatory minimum prison time, depending on the weight.

Now trafficking charges only apply if the statutory weight threshhold is met. If not, operators of a grow house can be charged with cultivation of marijuana, as well as owning or operating a home for the purpose of trafficking in a controlled substance.

It is also unknown at this time how police discovered the grow house. It is reported, however, that police had been tipped off due to an alleged smell of marijuana in the area. A search warrant was likely obtained on that basis, in addition to what was probably an anonymous tip to law enforcement.