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City of Miami Police Officer Cited For Leaving The Scene of An Accident

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Local 10 is reporting that a veteran Miami Police officer was involved in a hit and run and has been suspended from the department.

It is alleged that the officer was driving his personal vehicle when he struck a parked car. Instead of remaining on-scene or leaving a note with his name, phone number, and insurance information, he allegedly fled the scene.

Since no injuries occurred and the damage was only to property, the offense would be a misdemeanor. Due to the charge being a misdemeanor, police may opt to issue a promise to appear (PTA) in lieu of a formal arrest. A PTA is an arrest on paper that directs an accused person to go to court for their charge.

A PTA is still considered a legal arrest and will result in a criminal record. Many people falsely believe that if issued a PTA, they have not been arrested.

Hit and run, known under Florida law as leaving the scene of an accident (LSA) is punishable by up to 60 days in jail. Hiring a Miami hit and run lawyer or Broward hit and run lawyer, depending on where the accident occurred, can sometimes prevent the filing of formal criminal charges.

Every LSA begins with an investigation. This is because the accusation is that somebody left the scene of a crash. So before charges can be filed, the investigator handling the case has to find out who the driver is.

You may receive a letter in the mail from a police department stating that you have been involved in a hit and run crash. Most Miami-Dade and Broward police agencies issue these letters. When you get the letter, that is the time to retain a lawyer. Do not speak with police without first talking to an attorney as your statements can be used against you as evidence of guilt.

The Miami officer involved in this crash will be afforded the same rights as any citizen charged with a crime. If convicted, however, he will likely lose his job.