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Hollywood Robbery Suspects Caught After Crashing Getaway Car

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Three people suspected of robbing a jewelry store in Hollywood, Florida, were arrested after they allegedly crashed their getaway car.

There is little information at this time as to whether the suspects were armed with firearms. Most jewelry store robberies are committed by people carrying firearms due to the likelihood that storeowners are often armed with firearms.

Armed robbery with a firearm is a life felony in the State of Florida. It is a non-bondable offense as well, meaning that if you or somebody you know is arrested for armed robbery with a firearm, they will not be able to post a bond until a specialized bond hearing known as an Arthur Hearing is held. Even then, the judge has the legal authority to keep somebody in custody charged with armed robbery with a firearm.

Two of the three are accused of entering the store and committing the robbery while the other is accused of waiting in the getaway car. After committing the robbery, the two ran out to the getaway car and drove off. The crash occurred a little while after.

The getaway driver in a crime can be held responsible for the crime. You cannot escape guilt simply by stating that you were the getaway driver and didn’t actually participate in the robbery.

All participants in a crime are considered to have equal roles. Therefore, somebody whose only job was driving the getaway car can legally be charged with armed robbery with a firearm since he or she is considered to be as much a part of the crime as the people who actually carried it out. This is because the getaway driver had prior knowledge of the crime and performed an act designated to assist in the commission of the crime.

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