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Miami-Dade Police Look For Ferrari In Fatal Hit And Run Crash

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A fatal crash on I-75 in Miami-Dade County has led to a search for the driver of a 2009 Ferrari.

A 60-year old Broward County man is dead after his car was allegedly struck by the driver of the Ferrari.

According to the investigation, the Ferrari struck the alleged victim's vehicle in the rear, causing the alleged victim's car to strike another car.

The Ferrari allegedly fled the scene without rendering aid or calling 911.

Leaving the scene of an accident causing death is a first-degree felony in the State of Florida. You can face a maximum of 30 years in state prison if convicted.

At issue is whether anybody can identify the driver of the Ferrari. In any Miami-Dade hit and run investigation, the police must be able to positively identify the driver so that an arrest can be made. Even if the car itself can be identified, that is not enough. The driver of the car is the one who will be charged so the ID must be certain.

It is always possible that somebody other than the registered owner of the car could have been driving. Since the law requires that an accused person be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, that is why so much work goes into a hit and run investigation.

The police will begin by running the tag number of the Ferrari and finding who the vehicle is registered to. Police will then go and try to speak with the registered owner of the Ferrari.

This is a critical stage in the investigation where it is advised to have the assistance of a Miami hit and run lawyer. That's because police will want to speak with the registered owner of the Ferrari. If he or she gives a statement, they could be providing the police with evidence of their guilt.

You have no duty to speak with law enforcement and should never do so when you find yourself being investigated for a serious crime such as leaving the scene of an accident with death.

The police will also want to inspect the Ferrari. Remember, if you make repairs to your car after a hit and run before reporting the accident to police, that is a crime as well.