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Common Holiday Season Arrests

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As Christmas and New Years approach, it is important to know what crimes police officers will be specifically targeting.

Obviously, anytime there are holiday parties and people out celebrating, officers will be going after alcohol-related crimes. Most likely, DUI.

While I have not heard of any specific DUI checkpoints being setup around Miami-Dade and Broward, I would not be surprised if police agencies are planning to conduct them. DUI checkpoints are routine law enforcement tools for targeting and arresting impaired drivers.

Another alcohol-related offense is disorderly intoxication. Disorderly intoxication requires the state to prove that a person was impaired by alcohol and through their conduct, created a situation that endangered the community.

Both DUI and disorderly intoxication are misdemeanors.

The general police presence will be increased during Christmas and New Years. Be safe, be smart, and if you require the services of a Miami criminal attorney or Broward criminal attorney, call me.