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DNA Match Turns Up Suspect In Miami Home-Invasion Robbery

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Back in August of this year, a few people were celebrating a birthday in a Miami-Dade neighborhood when they were confronted by two men. The men were wearing masks and carrying guns.

The two men entered the alleged victims’ house and made off with jewelry and cellphones.

One suspect was arrested on the scene. He was charged with multiple counts of grand theft, armed home-invasion robbery with a firearm, and kidnapping. Both kidnapping and armed home-invasion robbery with a firearm are punishable by life in prison, thus are considered non-bondable offenses.

The second suspect was able to get away but he left a gun and a mask at the scene. Those items were tested for DNA and a match was made due to DNA that had been stored in the criminal information database.

The police located the second suspect and have placed him under arrest.

DNA hits are common ways that law enforcement officers are able to locate suspects who have seemingly evaded capture. If you have been previously charged with a felony and you were either found guilty or pleaded guilty, your DNA was likely taken right there in court. The bailiff will swab your mouth with a large Q-Tip and will place it in a sealed envelope, which will be sent to FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement).

That way, if DNA is located at a crime scene, investigators can compare it to DNA samples already on file. This coupled with other evidence is very compelling proof of guilt.

Both suspects face up to life in prison on these charges. They are not entitled to a bond unless an Arthur Hearing is held and a judge grants conditions of pretrial release.

Eric Matheny is a Miami robbery attorney and Broward robbery attorney assisting clients in Miami-Dade County and Broward County with defending their robbery charges.