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FDLE Institutes Change In Policy For People With Prior Out-Of-State Expungements or Sealings

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As of July 1, 2013, you are in luck if you have previously sealed or expunged your record outside of the State of Florida.

Prior to that date, Florida law permitted one sealing or expungement in your lifetime. That meant anywhere in the United States. So if you had never sealed or expunged your record in Florida but you had sealed or expunged a record in New York, you would be ineligible to seal or expunge your Florida record.

Now you may seal or expunge your Florida record even if you have previously secured a sealing or expungement in another state.

Remember - the normal rules still apply. You can have no convictions on your record of any kind from anywhere in the United States. You can also have no prior sealings or expungements in Florida. Finally, you cannot seal - not expunge - a record for a charge that’s ineligible.

Eric Matheny is an attorney who can seal or expunge criminal records in any county in Florida. Contact Eric Matheny if you are interested in sealing or expunging a Florida criminal record.