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BSO Deputy's Carjacked Vehicle Found

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In a follow-up to an early post regarding the carjacking of an off-duty BSO deputy, the deputy's car was discovered in Miami-Dade County only days after the alleged crime.

Individuals allegedly impersonating police officers are accused of activating police lights and pulling over an off-duty BSO deputy in Miramar. Then an armed carjacking ensued where the car was taken from the deputy at gunpoint.

Carjacking, a form of robbery, is punishable by life in prison when a firearm is used.

Police will process the car for DNA and fingerprints. These samples will be run through state and nationwide databases for possible matches.

Physical evidence coupled with eyewitness testimony will help the police and prosecutors build a case against the accused individuals. If they should confess, then the case will become very strong against them. This is why you should never speak to the police without first consulting a criminal defense attorney.

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