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Miami-Dade Burglary Investigation Leads To Grow House Discovery

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Miami-Dade police officers were dispatched to a Kendall home regarding a possible burglary. Upon arriving at the home, officers discovered 21 marijuana plants.

The estimated street value of the marijuana is $50,000.

Police received a call from neighbors who reported seeing alleged burglars in the area of SW 136th Court and SW 70th Avenue. Police arrived at the home to find a shattered sliding glass door.

Police arrested two men inside of the home and charged them with burglary.

However, the home itself contained 21 marijuana plants. The owner of the home does not live in the home and apparently rents it. There are no reports as to whether the occupants of the home have been arrested.

Marijuana grow houses are common in Miami-Dade County. If there are 300 or more plants inside of the home, you can be charged with trafficking. If the weight of the plant material is 25 pounds or more, however, you may also be charged with trafficking.

Under 300 plants and 25 pounds and you can be charged with cultivation of marijuana, and renting or leasing a property for the purpose of trafficking in a controlled substance.

If the owner of the home had knowledge of the marijuana being grown inside of the house, the owner could also be charged.

If the weight or number of plants is sufficient to equal trafficking, you can face a minimum of 3 years in prison and up to 30 years in prison under Florida law.

The burglary suspects were likely aware of the home being used for cultivating marijuana. The police will likely question the burglary suspects to learn more about the occupants of the home and whether they are involved in the sale of marijuana.

Eric Matheny is a criminal defense attorney representing clients charged with cultivation of marijuana and trafficking in marijuana in Miami and Broward.