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Miami Gardens Man Arrested For Broward Cell Phone Store Robbery

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The Miami Gardens Police Department arrested a 26 year-old man who allegedly led police on a high-speed pursuit from Pembroke Pines down to Miami Gardens after an armed robbery at a Pembroke Pines Metro PCS store.

The man is accused of entering a Metro PCS store in Pembroke Pines with a mask covering his face. In Florida, a robbery can be enhanced due to the wearing of a mask. The man was also armed with a gun.

The man is accused of robbing the store of several smart phones. Police were dispatched and they chased the suspect from the store down into Miami-Dade County where he was finally arrested.

The man is charged with aggravated fleeing and eluding and armed robbery with a firearm. The armed robbery with a firearm charge is punishable by life in prison, therefore is non-bondable.

The man is being held in Miami-Dade County right now because that's where the arrest occurred. Jurisdictionally, he can only be charged with aggravated fleeing and eluding in Miami-Dade County because that's the only crime that occurred there.

He has an out-of-county hold in Miami-Dade County for Broward, where he will be facing the more serious charge of armed robbery with a firearm.

On the state level, you can only be charged in a jurisdiction with crimes committed in that jurisdiction.

Investigators are checking to see if this suspect is connected to other similar robberies.

When charged with a non-bondable offense, the only way to attempt to secure a bond is through the use of an Arthur Hearing. An Arthur Hearing should be set by your criminal defense attorney. It is a specialized bond hearing where a judge will determine, based on the evidence and circumstances surrounding the accused, whether a bond will be set on a non-bondable charge.

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