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Bill In Florida House of Representatives Aims To Make "Bongs" Illegal

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In what appears to be a complete waste of time and taxpayer money, our brilliant elected officials are working tirelessly toward outlawing "bongs," or water pipes typically used to smoke marijuana.

A bong, by itself, is not illegal and can be sold in stores or purchased online. However, if the bong contains drug resin or is found in conjunction with other drugs, such as marijuana or cocaine, it can be considered drug paraphernalia.

Bongs are legal as they are technically considered to be tobacco products.

However, the push in the Florida House is to make the sale of bongs illegal to prevent young people from gaining easy access to devices used to inhale drugs.

The bill, if made into law, would make the sale of bongs a first-degree misdemeanor. Subsequent offenses would be classified as third-degree felonies.