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Coral Gables DUI Manslaughter Suspect Accepts Plea Bargain

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A 19-year old woman charged with DUI manslaughter, and being in possession of a fake ID will plead guilty to all counts and serve 3 years in Florida state prison according to the plea agreement.

Back in 2011, the young woman made headlines when she allegedly rear-ended the car of a McDonald's manager who was on her way home from work. The alleged victim of the crash died. The accused is alleged to have been driving home from a South Beach club under the influence of alcohol and in possession of the fake ID she used to buy her alcohol.

DUI manslaughter normally carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 4 years. However, in this case it is apparent that the State Attorney's Office has decided to waive the mandatory sentence.

If the accused had gone to trial and been found guilty she faced up to 35 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

The accused must serve 85% of her sentence under Florida's gain time laws.

Eric Matheny is a Miami DUI manslaughter and Broward DUI manslaughter attorney.