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Urban Beach Weekend 2013 Arrests

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Each Memorial Day weekend, Miami Beach informally hosts Urban Beach Weekend. This is a hip-hop themed event that attracts about 200,000 people to Miami Beach.

Obviously with such large crowds, law enforcement agencies come out in full force to monitor partygoers and make sure that Florida laws are following.

Local 10 reports that arrests are down considerably this year. That may be the result of the increased police presence. However, many arrests were still made. Common arrests during Urban Beach Weekend include possession of marijuana, other drug offenses, and of course, disorderly intoxication.

Any time you have a mass of people drinking alcohol you have the potential for big problems. One of the worst things that can happen is for somebody to get arrested while on vacation in Miami, Florida.

Getting arrested while on vacation is never fun for a number of reasons. Obviously, it ruins your trip. As well, you may be facing serious charges that may require you to return to Miami for court appearances.

While many misdemeanor arrests can result in the issuance of a PTA (promise to appear), or a “written arrest,” vacationers who get arrested in Miami-Dade County and Broward County may have to go to jail because they don’t have a local address. This may require you to sit in jail for several hours and post a bond.

For felonies, you will likely have to appear in court at some point. If you retain a lawyer, your presence can be waived at the arraignment.

For most misdemeanors, a criminal lawyer can waive your physical presence and can resolve the matter in your absence.

Urban Beach Weekend is a great boost of revenue for Miami Beach, as well as a great time for partygoers seeking a fun environment with great Memorial Day Weekend weather. However, if you were one of the unlucky 300 or so who got arrested during Urban Beach Weekend 2013, you may call me to discuss your options.