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Miami-Dade Police Hunt For Suspect's In Fatal Nail Salon Robbery

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Miami-Dade Police are out in full force looking for two suspects who entered a North Miami nail salon over the weekend and shot and killed the owner’s ten-year old son. The owner was also shot but was not fatally wounded.

It is unknown whether the suspects made off with any property.

In the State of Florida, a murder that occurs during the commission of a felony is a felony murder. Felony murder is considered a form of first-degree murder. If you are convicted you could be sentenced to death.

In this case, two men armed with guns and covering their faces allegedly stormed into a North Miami nail salon. Demands for money may have been made before the two opened fire. The owner and his ten-year old boy were struck. The child died at the hospital.

The family, as well as the Miami-Dade Police Department, have sought the public’s help in capturing the two suspects. There is surveillance video of the incident but identity may be an issue if the surviving victim did not get to see the suspects’ faces.

Physical evidence, such as DNA that may have been left behind or fingerprints, may also be used to obtain the identities of the suspects. This will only work if the suspects have DNA on file, usually from a previous felony conviction.

If arrested, the two suspects will be held in custody without a bond as felony murder is a non-bondable offense. They will also face charges of armed robbery with a firearm.

The Miami-Dade Police Department has not announced whether there are any suspects. Still images from the surveillance video have been released to the public in the hope that somebody will come forward.

Eric Matheny is a Miami criminal attorney and Broward criminal attorney.