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Lamborghini Driver Facing Manslaughter Charges For Miami Beach Crash

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The driver of a Lamborghini that was reportedly driving in excess of 100 miles per hour may face DUI manslaughter charges if blood tests reveal that alcohol was involved.

If no alcohol is found in the driver’s blood, vehicular manslaughter charges can be filed since it is alleged that the Lamborghini was being operated in a reckless manner.

A Chevy Suburban was at a stoplight when the Lamborghini allegedly slammed into it. The driver of the Suburban survived but is in intensive care with serious bodily injuries. A passenger in the Lamborghini died on the scene.

There is no word as to whether alcohol is suspected in the crash. However, anytime there is a fatality such as this, blood will usually be drawn.

Speed by itself is usually not enough to charge somebody with a crime, even if somebody dies. A non-criminal infraction coupled with an automobile accident death is known as a fatality. A fatality is a non-criminal charge. However, if found guilty, you lose your license for 6 months.

The police will have to examine the driving pattern of the Lamborghini to determine if the driver was reckless, not simply speeding.

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