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Attorney Eric Matheny to Publish Legal Thriller

Aggressive Trial Attorney With a Reputation for Success

Attorney Eric M. Matheny is known for providing aggressive criminal defense services for clients in Miami-Dade and throughout Miami-Dade County. Now he can add a new title to his impressive resume: "Author". Attorney Matheny has recently signed a contract with Porfirio Press to publish a legal thriller called The Victim. The publication will be released in Ebook and print formats on March 19, 2015.

Legal thrillers are a subset of thriller and crime fiction that focus on lawyers and the justice system as a central theme. Porfirio Press caters to novels and short stories that revolve around mystery.

Synopsis of The Victim:

On a spring morning in 2003 on a desolate stretch of Arizona highway, Anton Mackey's life changed forever. A reckless decision to get behind the wheel when he was in no condition to drive spawned a moment that threatened to destroy everything the 21 year-old had spent his life working toward. In a split second, in an act of sheer panic, Anton made a decision to save himself. Eleven years later, the consequences of that decision have come back to haunt him.

The Victim is a legal thriller set in the high-stakes arena of Miami's criminal justice system. A young defense attorney, whose past has finally caught up with him, struggles to conceal the secret he has sought to forget while defending a client who may be innocent of heinous charges. As he fights to uncover the truth in an effort to save his client from life in prison, he may also discover the truth behind what really happened on that highway eleven years earlier.

With Attorney Matheny's real life experience as a defense lawyer and a former prosecutor adding to The Victim, this book is bound to be a hit!