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Difference Between a No Action/No Info/No File and a Nolle Prosse

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It’s all the same, just different language, depending on where you are.

Miami-Dade calls it a no action. Broward calls it a no info. Palm Beach calls it a no file. All it means is that the State Attorney’s Office has opted NOT to file formal charges. This is a good thing.

A nolle prosse (short for nolle prosequi) means that after filing, the State Attorney’s Office has decided to no longer pursue (or drop) your case. This can happen for any number of reasons. Most commonly, this will occur after you have completed a pretrial diversion program. In other situations, it will happen after a case is litigated and the State Attorney’s Office realizes that there is insufficient evidence to proceed.

This is a good thing as well.

In both situations, you may expunge the arrest record provided you are otherwise eligible. This means that you have never sealed or expunged a record in the State of Florida previously (sealing or expunging an out-of-state record is okay), and you have no convictions of any kind on your record. This includes convictions for criminal traffic, misdemeanor, and felony charges. No criminal convictions of any kind are permitted if you want to expunge an arrest record in Florida.

If you have criminal charges that have been no actioned or nolle prossed in Florida, you may want to look into having them expunged. Expunging a record may allow you to legally deny the arrest to prospective employers.

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