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New Year's Eve Arrests

In Miami and Fort Lauderdale, police will be out in force this New Year’s Eve. The most common arrests on New Year’s Eve in Miami-Dade County are alcohol-related arrests, such as DUI and disorderly intoxication.

Police officers will be patrolling, looking for impaired drivers. In major population centers, such as South Beach, Coconut Grove, and Las Olas (Fort Lauderdale), police will be on foot, watching for disorderly activity, such as public intoxication and fighting.

Avoiding an arrest on New Year’s Eve requires taking precautions. Use a car service or take a cab if going out drinking. If out, avoid being hostile or belligerent if impaired.

There may be DUI checkpoints. Check news websites and local newspapers to see where the checkpoints will be held. Police departments must publish the times and locations of DUI checkpoints.

Police are also concerned about gun crimes. It is a crime to fire a gun into the air on New Year’s Eve. Possessing a firearm without a carry permit in a concealed fashion is a felony (carrying a concealed firearm). Possessing a firearm while impaired by alcohol and firing a weapon in public are both misdemeanors.

Be safe and careful this New Year’s Eve. If you are arrested and you need the assistance of a Miami criminal lawyer or Broward criminal lawyer, call me.