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Medical Marijuana In Florida Clears Hurdle

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Could medical marijuana become legal in Florida? Possibly. The Florida Supreme Court has approved a ballot initiative that will let the people of Florida decide whether marijuana will become legal for medicinal purposes only.

If ever made a law, there would be strict regulations as to how much you can possess at one time, the manner in which marijuana is sold, and who can lawfully possess marijuana.

As of right now, possession of marijuana is a crime in Florida. Less than 20 grams and you are looking at a first-degree misdemeanor charge. Over 20 grams up to 25 pounds and you are facing third-degree felony charges.

It is still illegal to cultivate and sell marijuana. There are still mandatory minimum sentences for trafficking in marijuana.

A law legalizing medicinal marijuana will not change that.

LIke other states that have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, users and distributors will likely have to be licensed by the state.

For non-medicinal users (recreational users) marijuana sale and possession would still be a crime.

This measure would just permit people with a medical need to use and possess marijuana. Eric Matheny is a marijuana possession attorney representing clients in Miami-Dade and Broward.