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Opa-locka Cop Found Guilty Of Felonies

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In an update to a post from earlier this week, former Opa-locka police officer German Bosque was convicted last night of one count of false imprisonment, and one count of tampering with a witness. He was acquitted of the misdemeanor count of battery.

You may read about the underlying facts of the case and the trial here.

The Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge presiding over the trial allowed the defendant to remain free on house arrest pending sentencing.

The members of the jury would not comment on how they reached their verdict. However, based on my trial experience, I believe that the jury was not convinced that the officer punched the alleged victim. However, the evidence was clear that the defendant used his position as an officer to intimidate and punish the victim for attempting to file a complaint against the defendant officer.

The judge reset the case for sentencing in August. In the meantime, the defendant will participate in a Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI) where he will be interviewed by representatives from the Department of Corrections who will recommend a sentence to the judge.

Given the fact that the defendant was convicted of grossly abusing his authority, I expect the judge to give him some prison time.

Bosque faces a maximum of 10 years in state prison when he is sentenced in August.

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