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Alleged Strong-Arm Robbery Suspect Taken Down By Passersby

A 21 year-old Miami man is facing a second-degree felony charge of strong-arm robbery after he allegedly snatched a purse from the hands of an elderly woman and then took off on foot.

People passing by on the street saw this take place and took off after the suspect. A man tackled him to the ground and held him for police.

While on the ground, the suspect allegedly stated that he threw the woman’s purse into a yard. This constitutes an admission that can be used against him in court. The admission was also captured on a cellphone camera.

The people who observed the strong-arm robbery occur, as well as those who assisted in taking the accused down, will be witnesses in this case.

The police charged the accused with strong-arm robbery and one count of battery on a person 65 or older. However, the bond judge found insufficient probable cause for the battery charge, probably because the officer had failed to state the victim’s age in the arrest affidavit.

Strong-arm robbery, unlike a robbery by sudden snatching, requires the use of force or the threat of force in taking somebody else’s property. A robbery by sudden snatching is the quick taking of property without using undue force or threats.

Strong-arm robbery in Florida is a second-degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in state prison. Under the Florida Criminal Punishment Code, strong-arm robbery is considered a Level 7 offense, meaning that the accused “scores” a minimum of 21 months in state prison at the bottom of their sentencing guidelines.

Strong-arm robbery is a serious charge that cannot be sealed from your record should adjudication be withheld.

Standard bond for a strong-arm robbery charge is about $7,500.

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