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Ultra Music Festival Future Uncertain Due To Violence And Arrests

The music festival that comes to Miami each year may be in jeopardy after numerous felony and misdemeanor arrests have occurred, as well as the trampling of a security guard when a crowd broke through a fence trying to get inside.

City commissioners, as well as the Mayor of Miami, have called for an end to the three day-long music festival.

An estimated 55,000 people showed up this year for the festival.

According to police, there were 84 arrests made during the festival. While most were misdemeanors, a good number were felony arrests. Most of the felony arrests involved drug possession, including cocaine and MDMA.

The arrests, coupled with the fact that a security guard was trampled, have led the City to consider banning the event the future.

Eric Matheny is a criminal defense attorney serving Miami and Broward.