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Closing Arguments In Road Rage Case Involving Broward Sheriff's Deputy

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Back in 2011, an off-duty Broward Sheriff’s deputy allegedly pulled over a woman who may have made a U-turn that resulted in her cutting off the deputy.

The woman’s passenger began recording the traffic stop on her cellphone. The deputy is accused of reaching into the woman’s car and taking her cellphone, subsequently destroying it.

The accused former BSO deputy burglary of an occupied conveyance, battery, criminal mischief, and petit theft.

Last week, the deputy stood trial for these charges. Today, the state and defense are presenting their closing arguments to the jury. In this phase of a jury trial, each side will be given an opportunity to speak directly to the jurors, telling the panel what they believe that the evidence has shown.

After closing arguments, the judge will instruct the jurors on the applicable law, as well as their instructions for deliberation, before dismissing the panel so that they may deliberate.

Once a verdict has been reached, the court will publish the verdict. If convicted, the deputy faces time in state prison.

The most serious charge is burglary. The charge is a burglary because the state believes that the deputy entered the conveyance - by reaching inside - with the intent to commit a crime - the theft of the phone.

Eric Matheny is a Miami burglary lawyer and Broward burglary lawyer.