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Miami-Dade Man Accused of Spending $900 With Stolen Credit Card

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A Miami-Dade County man is suspected of using a stolen credit card to make $900 worth of purchases at a South Miami-Dade County Walmart.

The man, who is presently unidentified, was seen on store surveillance using the card that had been reported stolen in a recent burglary.

Cash register records showed that $900 in charges were put on the card.

Using a credit card without the authorization of the cardholder is a third-degree felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison. Also, spending $900 on the card would amount to grand theft in the third degree, also punishable by 5 years.

Once the suspect is identified, police will compare any fingerprints or DNA found at the scene of the burglary in an effort to link him to the break-in. If the suspect has been arrested before, his fingerprints and DNA may be on file with FDLE.

Miami-Dade CrimeStoppers is offering a reward for any information on the suspect.

Eric Matheny is a Miami grand theft lawyer and Broward grand theft lawyer.