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Former Student Accused of Vandalizing Broward County High School

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An 18 year-old former student of a Broward County private high school is facing charges of burglary of an unoccupied structure and criminal mischief after allegedly climbing the school’s fence

While on school property, the former student and two other men committed acts of vandalism. Vandalism, known as criminal mischief in the State of Florida, can be categorized according to the value of the damage done to the property.

For $0 to $200, the crime is a second-degree misdemeanor. For $200-$1000, the crime is a first-degree misdemeanor. For property damage over $1000, the crime is a third-degree felony.

In this case, the estimated damage was $1,000, meaning that the accused will likely be charged with a felony in addition to the felony charge of burglary of an unoccupied structure.

Both crimes are third-degree felonies, carrying a maximum of 10 years in prison (5 years each charge).

Reports indicate that the accused was previously expelled from the school.

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