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June 2015 Sealing/Expungement Update

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The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is currently processing sealing and expungement applications that were submitted in March 2015.

FDLE is the agency that will determine whether you are eligible to seal or expunge your record. If you are eligible, FDLE will issue a Certificate of Eligibility that you must then file with the court.

Ultimately, an order to seal or expunge a record is signed by a judge but most judges will not sign an order unless FDLE has issued a Certificate of Eligibility.

You are only eligible to seal or expunge an arrest record if the charge qualifies (this applies only to sealing), if you have no convictions on your record of any kind, you have no open cases or open warrants, and you have never sealed or expunged a record in the State of Florida before.

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