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Possession of Flakka (PVP)

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There is a new drug that is creating a storm of controversy in Miami-Dade County. The chemical substance is called alpha-Pyrrolidinovalerophenone, also known as alpha-PVP. But the street name, “flakka,” is considerably more well known.

In Broward County alone in 2015, there have been several flakka related deaths and newsworthy incidents. The Broward Sheriff's Office estimates that nearly 275 flakka cases have been filed since January 2015.

Flakka is a synthetic drug but the effects can cause a person to become violent. Too much of the drug can cause hallucinations and paranoia, even death.

PVP is a Schedule I narcotic in the State of Florida. It is a cheap drug, similar to bath salts, and can be purchased for as little as $5.

The drug can be smoked, snorted, ingested, or injected.

Possession of PVP is a third-degree felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

Eric Matheny is a Miami criminal lawyer and Broward criminal lawyer.