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Sealing A Restraining Order/Injunction

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This is a common scenario.

You get served with a temporary restraining order (TRO) and a notice to appear in court. Somebody is seeking a permanent injunction against you! This means that they - the petitioner - are asking the judge to impose a court order banning you - the respondent - from having any contact with them or even going near them.

If the judge finds that a permanent injunction is necessary, it will come up in background checks and could have a negative impact on your employment prospects. A permanent injunction on your record is just as bad as having a felony conviction.

So then you show up for the hearing, after hiring a lawyer and preparing, only to find out that the petitioner either doesn't show up, or wants to drop the whole thing.

Well, that's all well and good except you still have the TRO on your record.

Under the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, you can ask a court to seal a court record (non-criminal). If all parties are in agreement, this process is much easier.

If you have an injunction or temporary restraining order in your background in Miami-Dade or Broward, call me to see if you may be eligible to have the record sealed.

Eric Matheny is a Miami restraining order attorney and Broward restraining order attorney. Eric Matheny represents both petitioners and respondents.