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Sweetwater Police Officer Arrested For Falsifying Report

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A police officer from the Sweetwater Police Department is facing a charge of official misconduct, a felony. The officer is accused of lying to a Florida Highway Patrol trooper about an on-duty car crash that took place in 2015.

According to the officer's statement, he was responding to a call when he approached a solid red light at an intersection. The officer told the trooper that he slowed down, used due care, and proceeding through the intersection. As a result of this statement, the trooper cited the driver of the other car that had T-boned the officer's cruiser.

However, when footage from a red light camera was reviewed, it was determined that the officer made no attempt to even slow down. The video showed the officer speeding through the red light.

As a result of the footage, the officer was arrested and charged with one county of official misconduct.

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