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January 2016 Florida Sealing/Expunging Update

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Happy 2016!

If you filed an expungement or sealing application in August of 2015, FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) is processing your application.

This means that the fingerprints that your provided along with your application packet are being run through state and national databases to make sure that you have no convictions, warrants, open cases, or prior sealings/expungements in the State of Florida.

The FDLE processing part of the sealing or expungement process takes about 90-120 days.

FDLE will likely get a flood of new applications and processing times will slow down, so if you want to clean up your Florida criminal record quickly it is best to get the process started now.

Eric Matheny is a Florida expungement and sealing lawyer. Eric Matheny handles sealing and expungement matters statewide.