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Bench Warrants: Out-of-State and International Issues

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When you have a bench warrant (misdemeanor) or an alias capias (felony), life can be pretty unnerving. At any moment, you could be taken into custody.

That may also apply when you are outside of the State of Florida.

If you have a felony warrant of any kind, including a probation violation warrant, you can expect to be extradited should you be picked up anywhere outside of the county in which the warrant was issued. This includes being extradited back to Florida if you are staying out of state.

While a misdemeanor bench warrant will likely not result in your extradition if you are outside of the State of Florida, you could certainly be taken into custody in any Florida county.

If you are traveling internationally, you can be detained and even taken into custody by foreign law enforcement officials. If you are trying to clear U.S. Customs upon your return to the United States, you can be assured that you will be taken into custody if you have an outstanding warrant.

If you have a warrant, it is not wise to attempt international travel as being detained and arrested in a foreign country could turn into a nightmare.

If you have a bench warrant or alias capias in Miami-Dade County or Broward County, you may contact me to discuss your situation further.