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Changes Made To Juvenile Diversion Expungements

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As you may know, a juvenile offender in Florida who successfully completes a juvenile diversion program may be eligible for a Juvenile Diversion Expungement.  This is a shorter process than a standard expungement and does not count as your "once in a lifetime" expungement or sealing in the State of Florida.

It used to be that you had to apply for your Juvenile Diversion Expungement within 12 months of completing the juvenile diversion program.  Now, there is no time limit.  Also, the filing fee has been waived.

If your son or daughter has completed a juvenile diversion program in Florida, or if you have and you have not yet expunged the record, contact me to discuss your options.

Eric Matheny is a Florida expungement lawyer who seals and expunges criminal records in all 67 Florida counties.