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Burglary and Burglary-Related Charges In Multiple Counties

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You are accused of burglary in Miami-Dade County, but the cops think that you sold the allegedly stolen items to a pawn shop in Broward County.

You are arrested for burglary in Miami-Dade County but then, days later, you are served with a warrant for an arrest in Broward County.

So what happens?

It is possible to be charged with crimes in multiple counties. In that case, you will face two criminal cases - one in Miami-Dade County and one in Broward County.

This creates certain problems. For one, it will be impossible to seal or expunge all charges since technically they originated in different counties.

Also, you may end up pleading guilty to multiple charges or going to trial two separate times.

Sometimes, if you are arrested in one county for a charge in another, you may have to sit in jail without a bond pending extradition to the county.

Burglary cases, especially, can become multi-jurisdictional cases. Usually the police will locate a suspect based on one house, and then if they have fingerprints or DNA, they will test the physical evidence found in other homes against the physical evidence found in the first one. It may be possible to get arrested for one burglary and then have multiple charges of burglary added later.

If stolen items are found in a pawn shop, additional charges, such as grand theft and false verification to a pawnbroker, can be added. It is common police procedure to check out pawn shops within the vicinity of a recent burglary.

Burglary of a dwelling ALWAYS carries prison time.  If you are facing burglary charges in multiple Miami-Dade County counties, contact me.