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Why Theft Charges Must Be Sealed or Expunged

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A theft charge, be it a grand theft (felony) or a petit theft (misdemeanor), must come off of your Florida criminal record if you are eligible to seal or expunge.


A theft charge will tell employers that you are dishonest.  If you are applying for a job that requires you to handle money or have access to sensitive information, such as customer payment information or personal identification, then you will more than likely be denied the job, even if you are otherwise qualified.

In today's litigious workplace, no employer can take the chance of hiring somebody with a record that shows a potential for dishonesty.  Nothing says "dishonest" to a prospective employer like a theft charge on your record.

Grand theft and petit theft are both offenses that can be sealed or expunged.  If you are a first-time offender and have completed a diversion program for your theft charge and your charge was dismissed as a result, go ahead and expunge the charge from your record.

Even if you pleaded no contest and went on probation, you may seal provided adjudication was withheld and you have never been convicted of a crime in your lifetime.

It makes no sense to have a charge dismissed, or even adjudication withheld, and then allow the charge to remain on your record.

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